COVID-19: Staying Healthy

Stay Healthy:   Our bodies are designed with an internal viral fighting-machine that we call our immune system.  It is the strength of that immune system that determines whether or not someone becomes infected, the extent to which a body shows symptoms and the speed of recovery.  The best way to fight is to be prepared in the way we care for our bodies and our immune system!  We can discuss and assist you with anything mentioned below, as we have with hundreds of patients before.  So here are some tips for building the best immunity possible:

Rest:   Recommended amounts of nightly sleep range between 6-9 hours, depending on your age.  Yet, even more important than the amount of sleep is the quality of your sleep.  Nightly rest is the period where your body does the vast majority of its recuperation, its regeneration and its healing.  To miss this opportunity is to start the following day on a half-tank of gas, at best.  How do you get the best sleep?  No eating at least two to three hours before bed.  No caffeine or other stimulants at least four hours before bed.  If you need to be on your phone or computer, use a screen that minimizes or blocks blue light emission.  And, please, no cable news at least two or more hours before bed;  there is no reason to get all worked up right before your head hits the pillow!

Diet:    "Diet" is not just something you do to lose weight.  It is a word that encompasses the foods that you eat on a regular basis.  And right now more than ever, what you eat matters.  Even if you don't plan on utilizing these ideas for the long-term, I strongly suggest you make them a part of your lifestyle for the foreseeable future.  

1.  Minimize your sugar intake.  Consider all sources of sugar (good and bad) and start by eliminating the processed sugars immediately.

2.  Eliminate or cut by 50% your intake of processed flour products.

3.  Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, particularly green leafy veggies and those high in anti-oxidants. 

4.  Incorporate a balance of healthy proteins from various sources, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to your daily diet.  Don't know how many calories are right for you?  Use a calorie calculator to figure out the basics.  Don't know how to track your calories easily and for free?  Click to use this calorie tracker by Under Armour. 

Water:  Water, water, water.  Your body will thank you as it tries to regulate the processing of toxins, the management of your blood pressure and heart rate, and the regulation of your body temperature.  Just for starters.   A common recommendation is half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.  I'd note, if you cannot say you are even drinking three average-sized water bottles (approx. 50.7oz total), then let's start with that.  We can always add more later depending on your activity levels.

Exercise:  Your body needs movement.  And a challenge.  We were not meant to be as sedentary as we have become and, so, you have to plan levels of varying exertion into your days.  There is a workout for everyone, regardless of your current health or age.  It may just need to by tailored by a professional to suit your situation.  Plan a minimum of 30 minutes per day for the average person.  The following trusted sites are currently offering some, if not all, of their online instruction for free!  Click any of the links to go directly there:

The Vicious Cycle - Local, awesome and currently a free workout library; Click here for live 8am workouts on Facebook; there are even workouts for kids!

Peloton App - Free for 90 days

Lifetime Fitness - At home workouts on demand

Kennedy Fitness- At home workouts live and on demand

Beachbody On Demand - Free for 14 days

Devon Levesque - Want something a little out of the box?  $20.00 for 30 days with proceeds going to employees affected by COVID-19

Bulldog Yoga - Free yoga for 30 days


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